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After Iso Style Guide

Now that iso is coming to an end what lounge attire can I wear in public? As we come out of a very unusual time, one we have never experienced, most of us have got very accustomed to working from home in our loungewear. It poses the question when lockdown is all over what can I get away with in public but still be comfortable. Here are my cheat cheats of items that look to be smart/cool but are just as comfortable as your loungewear:

Now the velour hoody is not for every man’s wardrobe but I think this winter rocking one of these to get your weekend coffee or out to brunch is completely acceptable and stylish. Not only has it done you well in iso but taking this baby out into the public always gets a tactile response. So if you are an affectionate soul this is a must in the wardrobe.

The innovation in stretch chino/slacks today just keeps getting better. Boss seems to be leading the way in a comfort chino with their new Porsche range being super comfort but still stylish enough to wear to the office. Then there is the new comfort waist trouser from a range of brands, they look like a trouser but feel like your trackie pants. Last but not least the simple pair of stretch black denim that can be utilised in the work wardrobe but yet super comfy.

Mens Pants

Next is the comfort tee now there are tees and there are tees…. If you are going to rock a tee make sure it is comfy or cool. There are now amazingly soft tees available the innovation on cotton today has meant comfort has come to the forefront. If you are not going for comfort then it has got to be a good designer tee.

Now most of us can’t head into the office if we work in professional services in a tee. Most need to wear a shirt so I have found some of the best comfort shirts that will make you feel like you are still in your loungewear. Firstly the jersey fabric shirt that is essentially a t-shirt fabric but in a shirt, most brands are now bringing in a jersey style shirt and they are great for travel. Then there is the soft linen shirt that is always a winner in comfort.

Now that we have moved into more professional attire we can’t forget about the blazer. Most blazers are ridged and stiff so I have found some great deconstructed stretch fabric blazers that are still professional but comfortable. Starting with the light weight stretch fabric can’t go wrong as it moves with you. Given winter is approaching I have thrown in a tweed style blazer that is a great comfortable heavier weight option.

Lastly, I couldn’t ignore the cosy coat. Here are a few options that will not only keep you warm but mixing it up with some casual and corporate options. Firstly, the Rodd and Gunn versatile Winscombe jacket not only does this double as a suit style jacket it can be worn casually and padded for extra warmth. Then we have 2 great woolen coats perfect for the colder days at the office but can also work for an evening at the footy. Last but not least is the super easy and comfortable light weight raincoat, this should be in every man’s wardrobe.

Here is to moving forward after lockdown, I can’t wait to be out with clients again shopping!

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