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Barnaby, 50 - Executive Director


" The styling experience shopping with Cara was simply fantastic. For someone who hadn't had the benefit of a personal stylist / shopper before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the end result was truly remarkable.


Cara had pre selected for me the exact items that I really liked (as discussed in our style consult) from some really cool shops. All I had to do was zip in, try them on and buy the items that looked great. At the best prices too! I received good discounts from retail shops which is an added bonus that I hadn't been aware of...


I conclude that in just one afternoon, I managed to come home with;


(a) some great new clothes that really suited me, fitted me and which lifted my style to a whole new level 

(b) nothing that I really didn't love and couldn't wait to wear 

Styled Men.

(c) a new trendy look that I really wanted but would have taken me weeks of trawling through clothes shops had I done it on my own, time I just do not have.


The Style Fox has now been added to my list of truly valued consultants, and she made my shopping experience fun! All men really need this service, you won't regret it!"




Chris, 32 - Senior Business Manager


"As a busy male, shopping is not something I often make time for. It always feels like a hassle as I don’t know where to look and I assume nothing is going to fit anyway. This is where the service really delivered and solved a major issue. Working in an office environment and being part of a management team, my goal was to update my wardrobe with a modern professional/casual look that I could wear to work each day.


The initial consultation was a really positive experience. We began by setting what goals I had with my wardrobe and what I wanted to achieve. The shopping experience was a fantastic day. On the day, Cara was fully prepared with water, deodorant, gum etc, all the things I would never think to bring along on a shopping trip. Once we begun trying on clothing I couldn’t believe how great each item was. Cara had managed to track down and find an abundance of clothing options that matched exactly what we had spoken about in the consultation. I was able to pick out a variety of clothes and Cara was full of fantastic advise on which styles work better with certain clothes.


All of the clothes had been pre-chosen so when we arrived all we had to do was try them on and pick out the best clothes. It was very easy and very effective. I walked away with a whole new wardrobe and all my issues on work wear solved. 


I would definitely use the service again and happily recommend it to any of my male friends who need to update their wardrobe."

Simon, 50 - Doctor NZ


As a busy Gynaecologist, I understand the importance of looking professional and approachable, and how what I wear can impact on my relationships with my patients and therefore the confidence they have in me.


I was so delighted to be given a style update with Cara for my 50th birthday present (by my wife!). From the 2 initial Skype meetings I could tell Cara knew exactly my look and what I wanted. It was really helpful to go through my wardrobe with her and pick out the colours and styles that I wanted.

Our day of shopping was absolutely superb, enjoyable and passed very quickly. Cara was professional, honest and really easy to get on with. I felt comfortable in her hands as she had done all the hard work and selected the clothes I might like. I think I probably bought 80% of what I tried on, which is a testament to her skills in sourcing the most appropriate clothing for me.

I am very happy with all my purchases and have since had renewed confidence in myself. I'll be recommending her to all my friends and would encourage anybody considering this to go for it and take that leap as it is definitely money well spent....

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