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Spring Carnival Guide: Dress to Impress

1 - Suiting

We all know the rules when it comes to Spring Carnival is to have some fun in the fashion stakes. This is all well and good as long as you remember to stick with the traditions of the race day attire rules. Don't show up on Derby Day in a red suit..... It is just not cool! You can still have loads of fun within the boundaries of tradition. If you are purchasing a new suit for this Spring Carnival most men will have a black suit they can dust off so my suggestion is to go with a grey or a light navy blue.

Obviously when buying a new suit the key is fit so make sure if it is an off the rack suit you have it tailored to work for you!

2 - Shirting

This is where you can have more fun.... I do love a clean crisp white shirt dressed up well with the right accessories. There is also the option of the great bold spring coloured prints all rolling into stores currently. You will find the cut away collar is trending right now so make sure you can tie your tie to perfection!

3 - Ties

Like I said make sure you can tie your tie well this is a great start!!! With ties try to have some fun a good rule to stick with is if your shirt is a bold colour go with a soft coloured tie and if you are wearing a soft colour shirt go for a bolder coloured tie. It is always great when a guy has put some thought into his outfit and brings the theme of racing into his tie.

4 - Pocket Square

Please don't go and buy the pocket square that matches the same fabric as the tie.... this is a cope out! When picking a pocket square pick a colour that is in your tie or your shirt. I really like to versatile 4 colour tonal pocket square as you can change it throughout the day as your mood changes!

5 - Cuff Links

A great addition to any outfit is a great pair of cuff links. There are so many cool and quirky sets available to be a talking point of any outfit. Going with the theme of racing I don't mind these guys to get in the spirit.

6 - Accessories and Socks

If you want to take it to the next level without looking try hard if you have done well on the shirt, tie and pocket square combo throwing in a cool lapel pin or tie bar can set off an outfit. Also don't forget the socks.... if you are going standard always match the socks with the suit but I suggest a bit of colour.

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