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How to wear the Perfect Summer Suit

Now that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner it is time to dust off the summer suits. With the ladies having it so easy as to slip into a summer dress it is not that easy for the blokes. Here are some keys tips when choosing the perfect summer suit:


Put away your blacks and bring out the colours. Given heat is attracted to black try and stay away from wearing it in Summer. Instead pull out the lighter shades of blue you don't usually get to wear along with the light greys and khaki. This season there are also some great prints available in suiting if you feel like making a statement.


I know a beautiful heavy wool suit is desirable but they need to go away for the next few months. The best fabric to wear in Summer is your cottons and linens. Embrace these light weight fabrics as they are breathable and will make for a more comfortable summer. Most of these summer suits are best to get without a lining. Given that fabric technology is much better these days you will find suits keep their shape much better and a lining can contribute to making you sweat.


Make sure you apply the same fabric rule as the suit. Stick with linen and cotton and remember the more open the weave the more breathable it will be. The pastels and a floral print are big for summer so if you are open to trying something new this is the time to do it. Summer is the best time to experiment with colour but always remember to dress appropriate for the occasion. Remember there is also the option to wear a nicely fitted polo shirt for casual Friday if your work allows for it.


Have some fun with accessories this summer. Wearing a tie can be restricting if you can get away without one it will make your life easier. If you choose not to wear a tie a great way to make a suit look a little more formal is to wear a pocket square. It tends to lift a suit and give the feel that you have put in a little more effort. Another great way to have a bit of fun in summer is the bow tie and don’t forget the lapel pin. There are now some great options available. When it comes to belts you can dress down a suit with a great casual canvas belt. Otherwise I suggest getting a great tan or navy belt these colours will go with most summer suits.


When it comes to summer you must have a great pair of loafers or drivers! Keep in mind it always looks great to match the belt and shoes as it just gives an added touch of class. Most of the time it acceptable to wear no socks but if you feel like adding a dash of colour to the outfit socks are a great way to do this. If you are really daring why not try some colourful laces…

Last but not least remember a great pair of shades… a little touch of Chuck Bass!

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