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A Guide to Accessorising this Winter

Now the colder months have hit it is time to equip yourself for the full force of the Melbourne winter. Given the weather is so unpredictable it is best to be ready for what Melbourne has to offer the next few months. Here are my top picks for your winter wardrobe accessories:

The Scarf

The essential item for the modern man that not only wants to keep warm but also look sharp. The scarf is now a fashion item that a lot more guys are beginning to have some fun with to add colour and texture to a winter outfit.

The Hat

The hat is making a come back in a big way - whether it be felt, knit or sinmay I am seeing more guys loving the hat to keep the head warm. I think whichever direction you head investing in a good head peice is a great accessory to add the your winter wardrobe.


During the heart of the Melbourne winter is when the gloves surface. Given that most of us use a smart phone I have opted for an option that will still keep the hands warm and you can still use your phone.


A simple but fun way to put a touch of colour into an outfit is some cool socks. Now there are so many amazing patterned and colourful options out there get around it!


With Melbourne's unpredictable weather I never leave the house without the trusted umbrella! From subtle to statement there are some great options out there for the metro man.

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