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Are you as stylish as this handsome Man?

Sorry did I say man I was meant to say man’s best friend. Meet Bodhi, the 4-year-old Shiba Inu living in New York City where his owners Yena Kim, 27, and Dave Fung, 29, for entertainment on a Saturday afternoon would deck out Bodhi in some cool new rags. Now known as @MenswearDog on Instagram with over 140,000 followers Bodhi has featured in the likes of GQ, modelled for brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach and Todd Snyder just to name a few.

mensweardog group.jpg

It seems that Bodhi is a natural born model that loves to be dressed up and almost puts on a smile for the camera. I must say his style is impeccable along with his expressions on camera it seems Yena and Dave have a very special family member. I am not sure my dogs would let me do this to them so I think I will stick with styling men. But guys pick up tip – Ladies love dogs and a smart looking champ like Bodhi is definitely a winner.

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