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The 'Must Have' Leather Jackets

This winter invest in a great leather jacket! It ranks high in the ‘must haves’ in your everyday wardrobe. A good leather jacket is a long term investment and can last a lifetime, if you treat it with care and give it the TLC it deserves. So when considering a leather jacket, think long term, as a good piece will never date!

A great leather jackets can work wonders to give an outfit that bit of an edge all year round. It is an item that you will wear to death and feel great wearing, just make sure you get the right fit! If the jacket works and you feel great in it you will live in it, so make sure the investment you make is your ultimate leather jacket! Need a little inspiration? I have done the research for you and found some great options to suit your style and budget!

Zanerobe $399

Boston $399

Jack London $499

Nudie $675

Barabara I Gongini $676

G-Star $690

Clavin Klein $890

Boss Orange $899

Diesel $949

Hugo Boss $1,099

Lagerfeld - $1,150

belstaff $2,550

Burberry – Just for fun a whooping $124,995(umm yes you can buy a house for this)

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