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Spring Carnival... That's a Wrap!

After such a big week attending all four days it has dawned on me that this year the guys really stepped it up in the fashion stakes. From the flamboyant to the ultra stylish, the men I meet throughout the carnival have not left a fashion stone unturned. It is the event when you guys can really express your personality and dress up to really impress! Gone are the days of the boring solid suit I saw some great separate outfits that worked the colour wheel.

Let's start with Derby Day... So great to see guys sticking with the traditional attire of Black and white with their own interpretation and spin to what is 'black and white'. This year there were shades of grey that stood out to be the most popular choice especially winning fashions on the field. I really like when a guy brings in the flower of the day and of course Derby is the cornflower.

Moving to Melbourne Cup Day what a burst of colour! I love that guys got out there and mixed up the outfits. Cup Day I saw lots of 3 pieces with pattern and colour. Great to see guy having fun and expressing personality in an outfit. I also saw many more hats this year, guys are starting to head back to the traditions of racing with incorporating a hat into their outfit.

Oaks Day or as I call it Blokes Day.... traditionally was for the ladies but you will find that most corporates will entertain on Oaks Day meaning there tends to be lots of blokes. Such a great day if you were under cover, this year the weather was fierce! Great to see the pastels coming out in force which is what I like to see on Ladies Day. There were also some great floral prints hitting the track. It is a day to make a statement to the ladies so why not dress to impress!

Stakes is all about letting the hair down.... This is the last day and everyone has done their client entertainment so it is much more of a party atmosphere. Most of the big marquees are on 'fun time' which means it is much more relaxed. Fashion is also a bit more relaxed and fun. This is the day to bring out the bright colours and maybe that loud shirt you wouldn't wear for any other occasion.

And that's a wrap!

Images thanks to D'Marge and The Trend Spotter.

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